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over the course of 18 months, his colleagues said, you know, why don't you do this, why don't you do that? they got me into it. so i've been benefited, and i'd like to think that i put those benefits to good use and have coming in, put them to good use for myself, put them to good use for my family. and, frankly, put in to good use for society. you all have been very kind, very patient. thank you very much. [applause] >> you are watching c-span2 with the politics and public affairs. weekdays featuring live coverage of the u.s. senate. on weeknights watch key public policy events. and every weekend at the latest nonfiction authors and books on booktv. you can see past programs and get our schedules at our website, and you can join in the conversation on social media sites.
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>> in the fourth grade, this will grow and my class got killed. i want to ask her to dance but i was too shy. i showed up at school and randy was telling all about it. .com did you hear about gene? she got killed in a car crash yesterday. tractor-trailer to her mom and they're both dead. i didn't believe him at first because he was always making up stuff like this. he was always going on about how his dad lived in england. he just kept going on about my mom saw it on the news last night, she said. i stood and giggles not knowing what is going on one whether it was true or not. it was true all right. we found out a couple minutes later from our teacher mrs. morgan. after telling us she sat down at her desk and put her head in hands. were supposed to be working our spelling words but everybody just stopped and watched her but she sat for a second and then she started to cry. i put my pencil that and thought
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yes, we will not have to do any work today. another girl started crying. ms. morgan walked over and asked if she needs to go to the bathroom. she nodded her head yes. ms. morgan touched her shoulderr and asked if i did about the weather. i think over and said what's with that? she doesn't even know what that will. inside my head i was jealous because i wish i could be free. she was able to compose herself and said i know the there will be a funeral tomorrow and hope you can all go. i have permission forms you need your parents to sign. i will call each of your parents deny. she said it was too much or anyone we could stay behind and we will see a movie to someone raised their hand and said what movie? mrs. morgan said she didn't know. she thought maybe it was a superman movie. i didn't say anything but i was thinking superman or the few no? superman or the funeral? i picked a superman. the next a that school is in wht everybody else picked the funeral. dumb kids. they got all dressed up.
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we watched from the wind as they got on the school bus and took off. are only a couple of us who didn't go that day. the worm was need and the the special needs grow and the kid who always pooped his pants. after they all left we sat down and the dog classroom and they put superman iv on the vcr. is a part of me saying this is great, two days in a row we haven't done any work. after only watching a half hour of trent lott i realize something important. superman iv was horrible. you could see the wires over christopher reed in the air. all of a sudden the special needs grow started crying. i was like why they'll turn off the movie. university of texas wasn't getting -- superman iv wasn't getting any better. then i turned to kevin and said you proved your pants, didn't you? >> you can watch this and other programs on light at
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>> as nasa's future goes, so, too, does that america. and if nasa is healthy, then you don't need a program to convince people that science and engineering is good to do. because they will see it writ large on the paper. there will be calls for engineers to help us go ice fishing on your robe where there's an ocean of water that's been liquid for billions of years. we're going to dig through the source of mars and look for life. that will give me the best biologist. look at the nasa portfolio today. it's got biology, chemistry, physics, geology, planetary geology, aerospace engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, all the s.t.e.m. fields, science, technology, engineering and math represented in the now support for the. a healthy nasa pumps that that a healthy nasa is a flywheel that
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society casts for innovations. >> over the past 15 years booktv has aired over 40,000 programs about nonfiction books and authors. booktv every weekend on c-span2. .. >> aimed at ending workplace discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.
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